Who to Call 

The following information is to be used as a guide. You should make your own determination of which, if any, of the following offices is most appropriate to contact for your situation.

Anyone with a concern can notify the BETA Team by contacting the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs office during typical business hours at 828.251.6465. Twenty-four-hour assistance is available through University Police at 828.251.6710. In the event of an emergency, call 911.

If you are… 

A student in need of assistance, contact:

  • Dean of Students – 828.258.7671
  • Health and Counseling – 828.251.6520
    • After-hours crisis phone line – 828.251.6520, press #4
  • Title IX – 828.232.5658
  • Residence Life – Speak to your Resident Assistant, Area Director, or call the office at 828.251.6700
  • If you received a conduct citation and referral, call 828.258.7671

A faculty/staff member worried about a student:

A parent worried about my student or another student:

A staff member in need of assistance:

A faculty member in need of assistance, or are worried about another faculty member:

Someone who is worried about a University employee:

Someone else in need of assistance:

The following are community resources and the information shared with them will not be communicated with University Officials: