About the Student Care Fund

Unexpected emergencies and financial hardships have the potential to irreparably derail a student’s pursuit of academic success at UNC Asheville. The Student Care Fund (formerly, Student Emergency Fund) is a collaborative effort between the Division of Student Affairs, the Division of University Advancement, and the Division of Academic Affairs to financially assist students who may be faced with significant emergencies or other unexpected incidents such as the death of a family member, significant medical emergency/accident, serious illness, sudden loss of job, or other urgent, life altering situation.

Ideally, students should apply for assistance when they have exhausted all other resources. However, all requests will be reviewed. Funds distributed are based upon approved requests. This funding is not intended to replace or supplement existing financial aid and may impact the aid package a student is awarded. The assistance a student received from the SEF does not have to be repaid, however the student is encouraged, if able at some point to repay or donate to the fund. Available funding is solely dependent upon the donations received from the campus community and friends of the University.

Apply for the Student Care Fund